Thuringia - my constituency

Where is Thuringia? Try balancing a cardboard cut-out map of Germany on the tip of a pencil. That's were Thuringia is, right in the middle of Germany. The Free State of Thuringia is one of the smaller Länder in Germany, with around 2.2 million inhabitants and Erfurt as state capital.

Thuringia has a particularly rich cultural heritage. It is were Johann Sebastian Bach was born and Martin Luther translated the bible. Almost any sizeable town here was once the capital of a small state. Luckily, these principalities were too small to compete militarily with the larger states, so some started competing in culture. This is how Johann Wolgang Goethe and Friedrich Schiller were able to turn Weimar into a cultural hub where one century later Bauhaus was founded.

Thuringia also has a long industrial tradition and is proud of its thriving economy with many small and medium sized businesses in a variety of sectors (automotive, engineering, electronics, logistics). Perhaps best know is the optical industry in Jena founded by Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe in the 19th century.

If you want to know more and think you already know it all, please download our brochure 100 stories, 100 surprises about Thuringia. For additional information on visiting Thuringia as a tourist or working or investing here, please see the information provided by our Welcome center.